GeoLINK has been providing its clients with high quality development consultancy services for 28 years. GeoLINK has been based in Lennox Head on the Far North Coast of NSW since it first began 1991.  In February 2004 the GeoLINK Coffs Harbour office was opened, in 2014 the Lismore office was opened and in 2015 the Armidale office was opened.  All four offices are now flourishing under the guidance of Directors:   Simon Waterworth, Duncan Thomson and Simon Williams. Today, GeoLINK employs 30 staff, including our Directors, qualified professional and business services staff.   We provide a comprehensive range of environmental and engineering consultancy services including town planning, ecology, environmental impact assessment, civil and environmental engineering and urban and landscape design. We work across all of NSW with a focus on northern NSW from Newcastle to Tweed Heads and throughout rural NSW.

 “We work closely with our clients to bring projects
to fruition that are feasible,
practical and sustainable.”
Simon Waterworth, Director
“Our team works closely with clients to ensure
we clearly understand the challenges of specific
projects, so that we can develop practical and
cost-effective responses and solutions.”
Duncan Thomson, Director
Our clients are provided with a specialist
multi-disciplinary team approach to create positive
and timely outcomes.”
Simon Williams, Director

Company Objectives

Our objective is to provide solutions that help our clients plan, manage and enhance the urban and natural environment to create communities that are more liveable, sustainable and responsible. We have five key performance areas (KPAs) that represent our values and provide a framework by which to deliver our services and realise our mission.

QualityHigh quality workDeliver high quality services and products
Environment & CommunityStrong environmental and social ethicAssist clients to maximize environmental and social benefits for their projects
ClientsStrong client relationshipsBe a ‘consultant of choice’ for our clients
BusinessEfficient and profitable businessAchieve sustained profitability
PeopleEmployer of choiceAttract empower and reward good people

Our Clients

Our clients choose us based on our track record of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental problem-solving. The key to our success is that we tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each individual project and client. Our client base covers the public and private sectors including Local and State Government Authorities, Landholders and Developers.

Our Projects

The projects we are involved in vary significantly in terms of location, size and purpose.  We work in regional, rural and remote areas across NSW on a wide range of projects including:

  • Residential subdivisions and new urban communities such as Bayshore Village, Byron Bay, South Urunga Catholic Church Subdivision and Pacific Pines in Lennox Head;
  • Rural and agricultural industries such as the expansion of the Northern Co-operative Meat Company;
  • Infrastructure projects including the numerous sections of the Pacific Highway upgrade; and
  • Health facilities including the planning and approvals for Nambucca HealthOne, Wauchope Hospital Palliative Care Centre and the Coffs Harbour Health Campus Carpark.
  • NSW Department of Planning and Environment approved Environmental Representative and construction Environmental Management Representative roles on large infrastructure development including roads, bridges and dams.

Environmental leadership

Environmental leaders instill their desire to protect the natural environment into their decision-making and action processes.  They inspire a shared vision of the organisation as environmentally-sustainable, creating, maintaining and improving environmental outcomes and values throughout the enterprise.  Such values include stewardship, accountability and responsibility. Today, more than ever, we need to protect the environment.  GeoLINK recognises the importance of creating sustainable outcomes which meet current needs without compromising those of our future generations.  GeoLINK staff encourage high environmental standards on all projects including the GeoLINK business.


GeoLINK was founded on the principles of sustainability, back when sustainability was the exception not the rule. Since then we’ve stayed true to our commitment to reduce our footprint on the earth by researching sustainable work-life models and undertaking cleaner production programs. More recently we obtained accreditation with the Federal Government’s Greenhouse Challenge Plus program which was a key component of its climate change strategy to lead the challenge against global warming.Today we follow sustainable workplace practices aimed at maximising efficiencies and continually reducing our internal resource use in the areas of energy, waste, transport, resources and purchasing. For example, in reusing our waste, all paper waste is reused and when it has reached the end of its cycle is shredded and donated to the pet centre. This is just one of many ways that we strive to ensure our sustainability efforts go beyond the minimum standard requirements.