GeoLINK’s overall quality aim is to operate a Quality Management System, which is certified as being fully compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015, for the provision of environmental management and design consultancy services from its Lennox Head and Coffs Harbour Offices.

GeoLINK’s Quality Management System (QMS) is called GeoBIZ which aims to deliver products and services in accordance with the client’s specified requirements and industry best practice. We aim to provide clients with high quality, efficient and personalised service, within an innovative framework.  This approach assists with client satisfaction and maintains GeoLINK’s reputation for quality and excellence.

All GeoLINK staff are responsible for the quality of their individual efforts and are required to comply with the requirements of the GeoBIZ. Staff awareness of GeoBIZ is maintained through information provided on the company’s intranet and regular company update meetings.

Our commitment to quality and excellence helps to ensure the company’s continued success in the fields in which we work and provides a platform for expansion of our operations.

The objectives of the Quality Policy are to:

  • Deliver high quality services and products.
  • Assist clients to maximise environmental and social benefits for their projects.
  • Be a ‘consultant of choice’ for our clients.
  • Achieve sustained profitability for its owners.
  • Attract, empower, reward and retain great people.

GeoLINK’s Quality Policy is achieved by:

  • Establishing measurable objectives for achieving customer satisfaction and other interested parties;
  • Regularly communicating and discussing the policy with all GeoLINK staff;
  • Providing sufficient resources to our staff to ensure the implementation of this policy.
  • Reviewing and continually improving GeoBIZ.