Our team of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists are highly regarded throughout the industry and can provide you with expertise in ecological impact assessment, threatened species (flora and fauna) reports, species impact statements, the NSW Biobanking Process, bushfire assessments and soil assessments including, acid sulfate soils, erosion and sedimentation control.

We provide a comprehensive range of ecological services across the North Coast, including:

  • Environmental management plans
  • Urban bushfire hazard assessments
  • Riparian zone management and restoration plans
  • Wetland system design
  • Soil and water management plans
  • Acid sulfate soil management plans
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Restoration and rehabilitation plans
  • Species impact statements
  • Review of environmental factors
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Species recovery plans
  • Weed management strategies

Ian Colvin is an Accredited Biodiversity Assessor (BAAS18055)