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When you’ve got a challenging development project, engaging a multi-disciplinary consultancy like GeoLINK can make all the difference.

Project overview
GeoLINK has been working closely with property developers Urunga Developments Pty Ltd on a subdivision on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

The development is for a residential subdivision within the South Urunga Development Precinct, approximately 29 km south of Coffs Harbour. The original site consisted of three properties which were subject to four separate Development Applications (DA). When all stages are complete it will total around 320 residential lots.

GeoLINK services meet the brief
Our involvement in the project has spanned a number of years, with an original DA being approved back in 2014. We’ve been able to offer our client a range of services needed for this comprehensive, and at times challenging project, supporting them through each phase as the project progressed and their needs changed.

With 30 years in business, GeoLINK has the comprehensive expertise within the team to see this project from initial stages to completion covering approval, environmental, design and engineering components. Because we’re a multi-disciplinary business we’ve been able to provide the depth of service needed for large scale projects like this one.

Black Wattle Estate, Urunga
Marketed as Black Wattle Estate, the subdivision is a 6 stage residential land development. When completed, Black Wattle Estate will comprise 320 blocks.

Our clients are delighted the first stage of the subdivision hit the market in November 2022 with a release of 41 blocks. Stage 1 blocks range in size from 600m2 to 1450m2.

Plans are underway for the release of Stage 2 which will also include a park and passive recreation area.

GeoLINK are engineering and planning experts
GeoLINK were engaged in the early stages of the project. At that point the client needed help to understand the process ahead of them to turn their concept into reality.

Interpreting requirements for the approval process played a big part in seeing this project progress. And being able to adapt to challenges, hurdles and unexpected conditions that came up through each stage of approval was pertinent to achieving a positive result.

Planning approvals were complex. Engineering components of the project also dished up some interesting challenges which we were able to meet. And through detailed planning and innovative design we managed to help the client get an additional 16 lots added to Stage 1 over and above what was approved in the original DA.

To date GeoLINK has provided the following services:

  1. Statement of environmental effects with engineering, landscape, water and sewer design, ecological assessment, traffic impact assessment, noise, bushfire and contaminated land assessments.
  2. Management of the council request for information and approvals process
  3. Landscape design for park and passive recreation area
  4. Facilitate a voluntary planning agreement between council and the developer for upgrades to council’s water and sewer network to deliver the large-scale subdivision
  5. Civil detailed design and construction revision including:
    – Water and recycled water reticulation design
    – Sewer design
    – Road design
    – Stormwater design
    – Intersection design work to Transport for NSW requirements
    – Facilitate service relocations, electrical and NBN design
  1. Engineering verification of constructed works
  2. Manage works authorisation deed process for permanent intersection access to the subdivision from the Transport for NSW road network.

Quality solutions

The focus of GeoLINK’s services for this project have been planning and civil engineering related. The scale of this project has meant we’ve also fulfilled a range of subsidiary services including:

  • Coordination of other consultants and services
  • Organising and overseeing service relocations
  • Completing the engineering and construction certification to Local Government and Transport for NSW requirements
  • Project manage planning approvals for modification to lot configurations to meet developers’ sale outcomes

GeoLINK has been providing services for more than 30 years, but we remain focused on our commitment to deliver cost effective, sustainable and innovative solutions for our clients. We approached this project in a similar way that we do for all projects by:

  • Prioritising clear and open communication with our clients.
  • Making it our business to understand the obligations, legislation and compliance requirements our clients need to meet.
  • Not compromising on environmental responsibility and leadership.
  • Having the experience and expertise for complex projects with the ability to offer services across multiple disciplines.
  • Knowing what’s needed and the best approach to navigate approval processes.

We’re so pleased to see the first stage of this project come to fruition for Urunga Developments Pty Ltd. And we look forward to continuing to work with them as the remaining stages are rolled out.

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