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GeoLINK have been supporting Casino Food Co-op for more than 10 years as they’ve grown and diversified.

GeoLINK has been providing environmental advice and assistance to Casino Food Co-op for more than a decade. Operating since 1933 the Co-op is Australia’s largest farmer owned meat processing co-operative. Their reputation is world class. GeoLINK are proud to have been associated with this industry-leading and innovative company.

Casino Food Co-op is an industry standout when it comes to producing products that are socially, environmentally and economically responsible. As leaders in the meat processing sector, they actively work to reduce their overall carbon footprint by improving in-house practices and working closely with operators to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Strong client relationships mean great project outcomes
Our continued working relationship with Casino Food Co-op means we’ve been able to fully understand the focus and direction the Co-op has taken over the years.

We’ve been there as they’ve adapted to changing market demands and we’ve been there to help them meet their ambitious goals.

Some of the major projects we’ve been involved with include:

  • a new staff car park
  • ongoing improvements to the wastewater management system
  • new retail ready facility, to provide products that are ready for supermarket shelves

New retail ready facility opens in 2022
The Co-op’s new retail ready facility has increased their capacity to produce retail ready product from around 20 tonnes a week to approximately 100 tonnes a week.

The $8 million facility delivers portion packed meat ready for supermarket shelves. The purpose-built facility provides their customers with the opportunity to increase their product range, speed to market and capability.

GeoLINK provided town planning and approvals services for the project including:

  • liaise with Council regarding the proposal and DA requirements
  • Statement of Environmental Effects to address potential environmental impacts and planning requirements
  • assist the Co-op team and contractors to construct and deliver the project in accordance with the development consent

As a multi disciplinary consultancy we’ve been able to provide a depth of services to the Co-op that allowed for seamless solutions across their more complex and larger projects, like the retail ready facility.

Great things for the future
The Co-op is now striving to achieve a circular economy where their waste products can be used as alternate sources of energy. This is something they are committed to, continue to build on, and invest heavily in.

GeoLINK are excited to be involved in this inspiring project providing advice on the feasibility to construct a bioenergy plant.  The plant will convert organic waste into renewable energy and high value fertiliser.

We’re also working on a proposal to provide workers with accommodation at the Casino site and an upgrade to the Booyong pork processing plant.

These are three projects we’ll be sure to keep you updated on as they evolve.

Get in touch to find out how our multi disciplinary services can help your project.


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