About this project

GeoLINK is working with Namoi Unlimited on the progressive Climate Change Adaptation Project. The project allows drought-affected councils in the Namoi region to begin investigations into how wastewater can be better used.

In particular, the project will research and investigate issues, risks, opportunities, threats and solutions for the use of wastewater for gravel road maintenance. A mix of groundwater and surface water is currently used for gravel road maintenance.

GeoLINK Director, Simon Williams says “We are thrilled to be part of this innovative water project and assist the Namoi region to reuse their wastewater. With NSW recycling just under 10 per cent of its wastewater, this project could become the benchmark for other Australian drought-stricken regions.”

GeoLINK undertook a literature review of local, national and international information to better understand all the issues relating to the use of treated wastewater for gravel road maintenance.

The project is in the pilot program stage at Walcha and Tamworth. The pilot programs will trial and test applications and technologies to measure wastewater treatment and responses. If the pilot programs are successful, the use of wastewater on gravel road maintenance will be implemented across Gunnedah Shire Council, Gwydir Shire Council, Liverpool Plains Shire Council, Tamworth Regional Council and Walcha Council.

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