About this project

Nestled behind the rise of the Lennox Headland, Epiq Lennox is a unique land release development, situated in one of NSW’s iconic coastal towns, Lennox Head. Lennox Head is blessed with rare ecological beauty and protecting this delicate environment has been a major priority.

GeoLINK has been there from the start and has undertaken a complete environmental management plan to restore and recover areas of the site from longstanding farming activity and reinstate the area’s natural ecology. Our ecologists undertook surveys and discovered two threatened species were native to the site – the Square-Stemmed Spike Rush and the Hairy Joint Grass. Intensive seed harvesting and planting mean these species are already being restored and an on-going monitoring plan is in place to ensure the success of the rehabilitation strategy. By working closely with the client, GeoLINK is able to ensure the development impact on the conservation zones is kept to a minimum.


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