About this project

Doing our bit has been a philosophy here at GeoLINK for many years. With more than 30 years in business, it’s important to us that we’re contributing to the communities we live and work in as well as making a positive impact on the environment.

Walking the talk is also important. So, we’ve made the decision to become a carbon neutral company. While we’ve always been proactive to ensure our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible, 2022 is the first year we’ve made the commitment to be completely carbon neutral. 

So what are we doing?
First step was to establish a working group to make sure we went about this the right way. We want to make sure we’re in this for the long haul. Yes, that means being carbon neutral each and every year. Plus we needed the whole GeoLINK team on board.

The working group has:

  • Undertaken an audit of our current practices and emission
  • Identified opportunities to minimise our emissions
  • Explored ways to offset our remaining emissions

While our in-house practices are being fine-tuned, we’ve already taken our first step to offset our remaining emissions.

Tree planting with the local community
Our Coffs Harbour team have already taken part in the first of our community initiatives to help reach our carbon neutral target.

GeoLINK provided 200 suitable native trees to be planted and tree guarded at Boambee Headland (near Sawtell, NSW).  We also provided some eager and enthusiastic tree planters.

Boambee Headland’s vegetation was badly damaged during the October 2021 hailstorm, which stripped leaves from the trees and caused many trees to die, particularly the older Coast Banksias.

In conjunction with Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare (CHRL) and Coffs Coastal Works Bush Regen team, the Boambee Headland (Sawtell) was selected and planted out with 210 trees.

CHRL has agreed to expand this site for planting next year and we’ve committed to being involved again.

Eleven of GeoLINK’s team (along with a couple of mini-GeoLINKers) joined with 15 CHRL volunteers to get the job done in late May.

Our Lennox Head team have been involved in an annual tree planting day since 2003. We’re hoping our contribution to the Coffs area can continue on for many years to come too.


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