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About this project

The Peel Valley, is one of the worst drought affected regions in New South Wales. As a result, over the last two years, inflows into Chaffey Dam (43 kilometres south-east of Tamworth) have been the lowest on record.

In mid-2019, Water NSW announced emergency short-term measures (Stage 1) to extend water supply to Tamworth, Moonbi and Kootingal town water supply system.

Stage 2 consisted of the construction of a 19 kilometre permanent underground pipeline from Chaffey Dam to Dungowan.

Environmental Manager services

WaterNSW engaged GeoLINK as the Environmental Manager role for the project. This included:

  • On site inspections and auditing
  • Review construction design to ensure that are consistent with approvals and best practice
  • Provision of environmental approval and licensing advice to MPC Kinetic (construction contractor) and WaterNSW
  • Reviewing Construction Environmental Management Plan and sub plans
  • Pre-clearing ecological survey of a threatened species
  • Reviewing Erosion Sediment Control Plans
  • Liaising with WaterNSW, MPC Kinetic and consultants to inform construction
  • Engaging and managing Archaeologist to undertake survey and reporting.

The pipeline from Chaffey Dam to Tamworth’s treatment plant is now pumping water directly to the city.

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