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If you need an Independent Environmental Audit look for suitably qualified and experienced auditors who understand what’s needed.

Independent environmental audits are applied to larger projects, mostly State Significant Infrastructure or some State Significant Development projects. An independent audit allows for an impartial and objective assessment of the environmental performance and compliance status of a project.

They help ensure that projects with the potential to impact an area of environmental significance are implemented as planned, intended and that all conditions of approval are met.

Independent Audits can only be undertaken by a suitably qualified, experienced and independent auditor. And that’s where GeoLINK comes in. With two senior auditors in our ranks as well as environmental technical specialists, we have a proven track record of providing Independent Environmental Audits that tick all the boxes.

When do you need an Independent Environmental Audit?
Typically, the need for an Independent Environmental Audit is specified in the Conditions of Approval for your project.  Or it may be required by regulators as part of compliance and enforcement operations.

Either way, an independent audit provides a detailed assessment of an operation’s performance in relation to key compliance issues.

Environmental Audit Projects GeoLINK has completed
We’ve been completing Independent Environmental Audits for almost as long as we’ve been in business. That’s 30 years now. Below we focus on a couple of the more recent audits we’ve completed.

Project: Environmental Audit Eviron Quarry & Landfill
Client: Tweed Shire Council
Tweed Shire Council engaged GeoLINK for our proven track record. Not only had we completed projects of a similar scale, but we’d also prepared a previous Compliance Audit in 2018 for them which was subsequently approved by DPIE.

As part of the project approval conditions, Tweed Shire Council needed an Environmental Consultant to undertake the independent environmental audit. Specifically, the audit needed to:

  • Be conducted by suitably qualified, experienced and independent team of experts whose appointment has been endorsed by the Director General.
  • Include consultation with relevant agencies.
  • Assess the environmental performance of the project and whether it is complying with the relevant requirements in the approval and any relevant EPL and/or Water Licence (including any assessment, plan or program required under these approvals).
  • Review the adequacy of any approved strategy, plan or program required under the approvals.
  • Recommend measures or actions to improve the environmental performance of the project, and/or any assessment, plan or program required under these approvals.

We were able to provide TSC with the expertise to meet these requirements and the resources to undertake the project in a timely and efficient manner.

Project: Clarence Correctional Centre – Stage 2 (SSD 8368)
Client: Northern Pathways
GeoLINK was engaged by Northern Pathways to carry out an Independent Environmental Audit of the Clarence Correctional Centre. The project is a staged State Significant Development (SSD) for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new 1700 bed correctional centre at Grafton.

Although previous audits had been completed during the construction phase, this was the first audit conducted during the operational phase (commenced June 2020). This meant the requirement for an audit within 12 months following the commencement of operations had not been met. Although the non-compliance had been identified prior to the audit it created added complexities and was time critical.

The audit assessed compliance of the project with regard to the requirements of consent and included all conditions of approval (Construction and operation), as required by the DPE.

The scope of the audit included:

  • Assessment of compliance with the conditions of consent, and post approval and compliance documents prepared to satisfy conditions of consent.
  • Review of the environmental performance of the development, and its effects on the surrounding environment including the community.
  • Review of the status of the implementation of previous audit findings.
  • High-level assessment of whether the environmental management documentation is adequate.

GeoLINK had the experience to complete what was needed and the resources to undertake the project to meet the tight timeframes.

GeoLINK has an impressive track record of delivering environmental audits that satisfy the expectations of our clients and the stakeholders involved.  With specialised project management skills and certified quality assurance systems, GeoLINK is able to repeatedly deliver projects that meet and exceed our client expectations.


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