About this project

Jeogla Station is a large agricultural holding located within the Armidale Regional Council Local Government Area, approximately 50 kilometres east of Armidale, in the locality of Jeogla. The site consists of 48 parcels of land totalling an area of 7186.76 hectares.

GeoLINK was engaged by Roche Group Pty Limited to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement to accompany a Development Application under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for the cattle feedlot at Jeogla Station for up to 3000 head of cattle.

The Development Application sought development consent for construction and operation of a feedlot and associated infrastructure for short-term (70-120 days) supplementary feeding/fattening of cattle.

The primary objective of the proposal was to enhance the Station’s operations and provide for a grain fed beef offering/supply to domestic and export markets.


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