About this project

WaterNSW appointed GeoLINK  to provide Environmental Representative services for the Keepit Dam Post Tensioning project.

GeoLINK has specialist skills and experience in project management, environmental auditing and on site construction environmental management to deliver the Environmental Representative services required for this project.

Environmental Representative services include:

  • Regular site inspections/audits
  • Implementation of all environmental management plans and monitoring programs
  • Review and comment on the following documentation:
    • Environmental Management Plan
    • Construction checklists and forms
    • Inspection and Test Plans
    • Review field test results
  • Liaise, review and/or correspondence with government departments and external stakeholders
  • Ensure all approvals and licences have been obtained by the Contractor
  • Review and certification of Construction Environmental Management Plan and sub plans
  • Review all environment monitoring results
  • Prepare inspection and compliance tracking reports
  • Audit the Contractor’s compliance with the Conditions of Approval, licenses and other approvals.

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