About this project

The Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (NRLX), commonly known as the Casino saleyards, is the regional cattle selling facility for the Northern Rivers and the North Coast of NSW. In 2019 a $14 million upgrade of the facility was undertaken to modernise the facility, address maintenance, animal welfare, Work Health and Safety issues and the long-term economic viability relating to the ageing design.

GeoLINK was appointed to prepare the Statement of Environmental Effects for Stages 1 and 2 of the project. Our environmental planners undertook environmental assessments and provided planning advice and services, highlighting the likely impacts of the project and recommendations on how to minimise those impacts, and in turn facilitating a timely approval. GeoLINK’s environmental engineers also undertook a review of the effluent management system at the NRLX, providing recommendations and solutions for better stormwater and effluent discharge outcomes.

The alterations and improvements to the existing facility sought to improve its long-term productivity and economic activity, improve facilities and amenities for staff and users, harvest rainwater and reduce effluent/stormwater runoff and improve water conservation and environmental outcomes as well as reduce wastewater discharge to the water treatment system.

The improvements to advance the facility and the introduction of best practice standards has resulted in a stand-out facility on the NSW North Coast. GeoLINK welcomes the opportunity to provide support to local companies, such as NRLX through redevelopment of their projects which delivers socio-economic benefits for the livestock and agricultural industry, and the local community and region.

The completion of the NRLX provides a high quality and attractive exchange facility whilst boosting use, efficiency, quality and economic activity.


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