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Ottery Mine and Tent Hill Rehabilitation
Commenced April 2021

The NSW Government’s Legacy Mines Program prioritises the rehabilitation and remediation of legacy mine sites throughout the state. The Ottery Arsenic and Tin Mine (Ottery Mine), located in the Northern Tablelands of NSW, is undergoing remediation as part of the program. As is the associated smelting site known as Tent Hill which hosts two tailings dams.

State Heritage listed, the mine poses historic contamination concerns, and has been identified as one of the highest risk sites on the Derelict Mines Program. This is due to offsite environmental impacts and various open shafts and adits.

GeoLINK undertakes remediation works
GeoLINK were engaged to develop a Vegetation Management Plan for these two historical mine sites.

With a range of similar projects already under our belt, the Department of Regional NSW chose GeoLINK for our expertise with remediation of mine sites.

Coupled with our ability to deliver large scale projects under tight timeframes and within challenging environments, we were the obvious choice for the project.

Plus, we’ve got considerable recent experience in extractive industries activities, rehabilitation and plan of management preparation.

GeoLINK provides comprehensive services
Work has commenced to reduce any potential contact with arsenic salts or arsenic rich drainage from the site, which has the potential for severe human health consequences.

Rehabilitation is also being undertaken at Tent Hill to address elevated arsenic concentration risks from the eroding tailings dam.

The client wants all remediated areas as well as sections disturbed during the rehabilitation process to be revegetated.

GeoLINK provided a range of services as part of the project including:

  • sample and test soil to determine if the soil needs amelioration (added nutrients, microbes and organic matter) to facilitate vegetation growth.
  • Identification of vegetation species.
  • recommending species be planted across the site at specific locations including planting timing and indicative costs for undertaking these revegetation works.

Strong local knowledge
GeoLINK have four offices located across the North Coast, New England and North West of NSW. We brought strong knowledge of the local environment to this project as well as an affinity with the community.

Our history of projects in the New England and North West of NSW spans 25 years. And our experience in mine rehabilitation, vegetation management plans, and environmental assessments meant we could hit the ground running on this project.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with mine rehabilitation and other remediation projects.


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