About this project

GeoLINK was appointed by the Whiddon Group to provide landscape architectural design services for the expansion of the Queen Street Aged Care Facility, located in Grafton, NSW. The design and construction of a 170-bed aged care facility required the design of three large internal courtyard areas, boundary landscaping, a community park and a function area.

The overall philosophy directing the landscape design was one which created an interactive and relaxing outdoor space for residents, staff and visitors. All areas were designed with the understanding that residents using the spaces will have some form of age related physical or mental disability. GeoLINK’s landscape architecture ensured all access points were clear, movement paths were kept simple and without obstruction, materials and colours were consistent in order to reduce visual confusion.

Plant species were selected to provide visual interest through shape and form, with aromatic species creating sensory triggers. As with all our project plant selections, GeoLINK selected low maintenance and drought tolerant species, which are imperative in creating a landscape which is economically viable and provides constant colour and interest for all who experience and enjoy the outdoor spaces at the Queen Street Aged Care Facility.

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