About this project

GeoLINK was appointed by Tuncurry Lakes Resort (TLR) to undertake a bushfire hazard assessment and prepare a bushfire evacuation plan. GeoLINK carried out an assessment of the site in accordance with the requirements of the then Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 and prepared a bushfire evacuation plan in accordance with the NSW Rural Fire Service document ‘A Guide to Developing a Bushfire Evacuation Plan’ (July 2004).

The bushfire hazard assessment related to the proposed caravan park redevelopment located in the northern portion of TLR only, while the evacuation plan was prepared for the whole resort.

The bushfire hazard assessment included an analysis of the vegetation and effective slope to determine the levels of risk, and recommendation of bushfire protection measures including asset protection zones, bushfire construction levels and landscaping requirements. This information was collated into a comprehensive bushfire hazard assessment for the proposed caravan park redevelopment.

The photos show the aftereffects of a bushfire that swept through the Tuncurry region in late 2019, TLR effectively implemented the bushfire protection measures outlined within this report, was well prepared and assisted by the Rural Fire Service. As a result, the resort remains safe and operational.


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