About this project

The Urunga Sea Lido was an important social, cultural and recreational facility enjoyed by many residents of and visitors to Urunga over the years. After it was demolished in 1999, there was a sustained push from the community to re-establish a tidal swimming facility in Urunga.

In 2015, GeoLINK was appointed to undertake a Feasibility Study for a new tidal swimming facility in Urunga. The study documented preliminary investigations that had been undertaken on the feasibility, environmental and financial implications of constructing and maintaining a tidal swimming facility at Urunga within the Bellinger Kalang River Estuary.

The report focused on two site options for the facility and included a summary of the technical and environmental investigations and the community and stakeholder consultation process that had been undertaken to date.

The report recommended that the site of the original Sea Lido adjacent to the Urunga Boardwalk and Urunga Heads Holiday Park be adopted as the preferred site for the Urunga tidal swimming facility.

In 2018, GeoLINK undertook a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) to assess potential environmental impacts as part of a development application for the facility. The SEE assessed potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed capital and maintenance dredging and spoil disposal options.

An Environmental Management Plan, to manage environmental risks associated with the dredging campaign, was also developed.


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