Consulting environmental engineers in NSW

Our consulting environmental engineers combine their knowledge of engineering and environmental processes to provide realistic, integrated and cost-effective design solutions for your project. Our team includes ecologists, environmental scientists, consultant environmental engineers and planners. Skilled professionals who understand our unique Australian ecosystems.

We help you achieve any environmental compliance needs your project may have. With an eye on minimising the environmental impacts of your project, you’ll find our design solutions both innovative and effective. Combining science and engineering principles, we deliver environmentally sustainable outcomes.

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Environmental consultants of choice

As environmental consultancy experts, our experienced team offers comprehensive environmental services for our clients.

  • water quality monitoring and reporting
  • construction environmental management plans
  • onsite wastewater assessments
  • waste and resource recovery advice
  • erosion and sediment control design
  • landscape rehabilitation and monitoring
  • Acid Sulphate testing and advice
  • Environmental auditing



Mine & Quarry Rehabilitation

Do you need to meet environmental rehabilitation requirements for your operations?

We deliver professional mine and quarry site rehabilitation services throughout Eastern Australia. Working on projects of all sizes we’ve helped large scale mining companies, local quarries, and everything in between with their rehabilitation needs.

We’ve got the in-house expertise to understand the obligations you need to meet. And because we’re a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we can help you be responsible environmental managers over the lifetime of your operations, as well as when operations are completed.

Rehabilitation can be a costly process if not done well. Careful planning and implementation are the key. That’s why partnering with us can help you meet your obligations and save money.
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Construction Environmental Management

Do you need an Environmental Representative for your large construction project?

Our team comprehensively delivers the construction environmental management needs of your project. As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we have the expertise to cover all aspects from approvals to delivery and post construction.

When you appoint GeoLINK as your Environmental Representative or Environmental Management Representative, you know we have the experience and expertise you need. And we’re DPIE approved.
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With environmental consultants located in our four offices throughout north and north-west NSW we’re able to meet the demands of complex and diverse infrastructure, development, and environmental management projects.

As one of the most respected environmental engineering firms in Australia, we also provide specialised consulting environmental engineer and science services including:

  • mine and quarry rehabilitation
  • residential development
  • major civil works projects
  • bridge and road construction
  • intensive agriculture
  • urban design
  • integrated water management
  • natural resource management.

We’ve been in the game for more than 30 years, helping government and private sector clients with their environmental engineering, soil, water and science needs.

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Farm Water Management

Do you need more reliability with your water availability?

Effective farm water management is key to our sustainable future. Improving both the quality and quantity of water available for agricultural use will better help the sector. Plus, it can positively impact your farm productivity and business success.

Our services include:

  1. water quality management, advice and design
  2. water quantity management.

We do this by:

  • helping you understand your farm water requirements
  • evaluating your water sources and their reliability
  • assessing water storage needs
  • determining how prolonged dry periods will affect your operation

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Team Members

Our team designs solutions to meet the specific needs of your project requirements, resulting in a positive project outcome.

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GeoLINK provides an integrated mix of professional environmental, engineering and planning services.

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