Waste and what to do with it?

A year ago China banned the importation of 24 types of recyclable materials bringing waste into the spotlight and causing an uncomfortable question.

Now what do we do with it?

The National Waste Policy Action Plan 2019 and The Waste Less, Recycle More initiative have been set up to address waste issues at a Federal and State level.  The Waste Less, Recycle More will provide $802 million to stimulate new investment and transform waste and recycling here in NSW.

The waste issue is a big one. But what can businesses do to reduce their waste consumption?

How can our waste specialist help your business?

Theresa Choi is a waste management specialist. She is experienced in conducting waste audits for local councils, retail and hospitality industries and intensive agriculture.

So what is a waste audit?

A waste audit is an analysis of waste composition which provides a detailed understanding of problems, identifies potential opportunities, and gives you a detailed analysis of your waste composition.

Once a business identifies the need for a waste audit, Theresa will meet the business owner to find out what kind of waste is being thrown away.  Offices tend to have more paper waste, whilst the hospitality industry has more organic waste, paper napkins and plastic recyclables. After establishing the type of waste that is generated, it’s time to look in the bins and see what is really going on!

Theresa will quantify the amount of waste being generated and prepare a specific Action Plan. The Plan outlines tasks to be implemented which help reduce your daily waste as well as the volume of waste going to landfill. After a couple of months, Theresa will conduct a follow up assessment to ensure the new procedures are being followed. She will provide further recommendations, if required.

Do you want to reduce the waste your business generates? Contact Theresa now to book in a waste audit.

Is there a solution to reducing our waste?

Reducing our waste can seem like an overwhelming issue, but it doesn’t have to be. If every business and individual makes an effort to reduce the amount of waste they consume we can make a positive difference.

Five steps to help your business be more sustainable:

  1. Get a waste audit
  2. Manage energy use
  3. Manage water use
  4. Manage waste – 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle
  5. Set up an Environmental Management System.

We love the environment in which we work and live and always aim to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.  So, we are thrilled to be able to offer our clients waste audits and reduce their business waste!

Get on top of your business waste and get in touch with Theresa here.

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