GeoLINK’s landscape architecture creates a gardeners paradise.

Mission Australian engaged GeoLINK’s Landscape Architect, Richard Elliott, to redesign and create a functional gardening space for the residents of 52 West High Street, Coffs Harbour.

An initial site assessment was undertaken to determine the existing space and garden usage. Richard set about designing a new garden space for the residents. As many of them are keen gardeners, it was requested that each unit have its own raised garden bed to grow their own fresh produce. As the garden area is used by all residents, a communal seating space with a new pergola was integrated into the garden. This space allows the residents to swap gardening tips and enjoy the new space! And to keep their garden neat and tidy, a new shed is home to all the gardening tools.

We look forward to seeing the garden beds flourishing with lovely green veggies in the future!

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