Is environmental consulting a good job?

Ensuring a sustainable future for us all is essential. Environmental management plays an integral part in reducing our impact on the natural environment and how we protect it for the future.

More and more we need to rely on environmental professionals as countries, companies and individuals all make a conscious move toward a sustainable future.  Environmental consulting is a good job for people who want to take an active role, contributing to our long-term sustainability.

Environmental management professionals develop and implement environmental strategies and ways to secure the environment for the future. From reducing carbon emissions and preventing pollution, to becoming more innovative with how we use and re-purpose waste.

Legislation and planning requirements in Australia have put the majority of businesses in a place where they can no longer operate effectively without a robust environmental management system. They must consider the impact their operations and practices have on the environment and community.

Most businesses are realising they need help to achieve this. And that’s where environmental consultants come in.

What is an Environmental Consultant?

An environmental consultant helps clients from both the public and private sectors to consider and act on environmental issues and lower their environmental impact.

They may advise, implement change or conduct audits to ensure their client is adhering to environmental regulations and legislation. Environmental consultant also provide advice on a wide range of environmental issues

Where can you work as an environmental consultant?

Environmental consultancy companies are one of the many places you can work in the private sector of the environment industry. Consulting companies account for a large portion of environmental employers.

What type of consultancy companies are there?

Consultancies can vary widely in size and scope. Many provide a wide range of services and speciality areas. Some consultancies, like GeoLINK, offer environmental services as one part of their full-service range.

GeoLINK is a regional business in NSW offering multi-disciplined consultancy services to helps their clients plan, manage and enhance the urban, rural and natural environments in sustainable, practical and responsible ways.

Others offer only environment related services. Small specialist consultancies, for example, might provide specialised expertise in only a few key areas, such as ecology or town planning.

What qualifications do you need to be an environmental consultant?

To work as an Environmental Consultant, you’ll need a relevant tertiary degree (for example an environmental or an applied science, environmental engineering, planning, ecology or geology). As the sector is very multidisciplinary, there are a wide variety of courses that are relevant for a career in environmental consulting.

How to get a job in environmental consulting

If you’re just starting out volunteering, work experience and graduate programs are beneficial for getting your foot in the door at a consultancy.

Work experience at an environmental consultancy can give you a better idea about the type of work and day-to-day activities involved. And if you do a great job, you’ll be front of mind for a future position.

With environmental professionals in demand, career progression is not only available it’s highly likely once you have some experience.

What do you do when you work for an environmental consultancy?

Services can include:

  • environmental management
  • water management
  • soil management
  • waste management
  • environmental impact assessment
  • flora and fauna assessments
  • bushfire assessments
  • contaminated land management
  • planning and environmental approvals advice
  • climate change services, and many others.

Environmental companies work for clients from a wide variety of sectors including:

  • Infrastructure construction (highways, bridges, dams)
  • Quarries and sand extraction enterprises
  • residential and commercial land development
  • water and waste
  • education and healthcare
  • mine rehabilitation
  • energy
  • government
  • agriculture

Some consultancies will specialise in working within a specific sector, while others will work with clients across all areas.

Environmental consultancy opportunities

Opportunities exist in regional NSW for environmental consultancy roles. More and more environmental professionals are looking to expand their experience,  and work for a professional and ethical company while also enjoying the benefits of a regional lifestyle.

Keep up to date with GeoLINK’s current opportunities for environmental consultancy roles.

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