About this project

GeoLINK undertook an Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation for the Severn River Bank Stabilisation project. Fallen trees and boulders, known as snags, are a major ecological and structural element of our waterways. Without snags, the habitat of our native fish is at risk.

By reintroducing snags into the Severn River, we hoped to boost the habitat for small and large native fish. Also, some threatened species were at risk of losing their habit, therefore it was vital this project was a success.

We planned, managed and coordinated the sourcing of suitable logs. We then had them installed in a reach of the Severn River and finally, created a new fish breeding habitat.

Aquatic habitat rehabilitation services included:

  • Haul up to 20 snags (up to 10 metres long and 2.5 metres wide) and 15 x 10 metre lengths (15-centimetre diameter) of forestry thinning from Brother State Forest to ‘Glen Idol’ which is approximately 155 kilometres by road
  • Placement of snags and securing to the bed of the Severn River (via ‘pinning’ with provided forestry thinning and/or excavation/burying of root ball under the direction of NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries)
  • Establishment and maintenance of environmental safeguard measures
  • Site rehabilitation upon completion of works.


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