Quality Assurance

GeoLINK’s policy is to deliver products and services in accordance with the client’s specified requirements and industry best practice. The quality of our work is assured through established, purpose designed project management systems and rigorous peer review processes. GeoLINK maintains a Quality Management System, which meets with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015 and is third party certified by BSI Australia.

Biodiversity Accredited Assessors

The legislation around ecology/biodiversity assessment changed significantly in August 2017, whereby the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (TSC Act) was repealed and replaced by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act). The BC Act requires use of a process called BAM (the Biodiversity Assessment Method) to be used in the preparation of BDARs (Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports) when impacts on biodiversity are deemed significant.

To apply the BAM you must have completed training to become an Accredited Assessor. GeoLINK currently have five accredited Assessors on staff – David Havilah, Ian Colvin, Veronica Silver, Jessica O’Leary and Grant McLean.

Please contact us if you’re looking for someone to prepare BDARs using the BAM.

Bushfire Planning & Design Accredited Practitioners

The Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme was designed for individuals (practitioners) delivering bushfire assessment, planning, design and advice services. It accredits practitioners who meet criteria based on specific accreditation and competency requirements, including a detailed knowledge of and ability to practically apply the relevant planning, development and building legislation and policies, the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard AS3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

BPAD Accredited Practitioners are recognised by industry, regulators, fire agencies, end-users and the community as providers of professional bushfire assessment, planning, design and advice services.

Veronica Silver is a BPAD Level 2. Get in touch (veronica@geolink.net.au) with Veronica to discuss your bushfire planning requirements.

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)

A CPESC is a recognised specialist in soil erosion and sediment control. CPESCs have approved educational training, demonstrated expertise, experience in controlling erosion and sedimentation, and meet certification standards.

GeoLINK currently have two certified professionals on staff, David Howley and Patrick Sloan.

PIA Registered Planner

The diverse skills and qualities of a planner are highly valued and sought after by employers, governments, clients and the wider community. However, it is not easy for stakeholders to readily determine which planners represent excellence and integrity in their profession.

This is where a Registered Planner is invaluable.

We have two Registered Planners on our team, enabling us to clearly and unequivocally demonstrate our competencies and commitment to professional growth, development and ethical practice.

GeoLINK has two registered planners, Simon Waterworth and Veronica Silver.

Certified Environmental Practitioner

The Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme is the environment profession’s certification scheme, established by EIANZ in 2005.

GeoLINK has two certified practitioners on staff, Simon Williams and Veronica Silver.  Being a certificated environmental practitioner demonstrates that the individual’s environmental skills and knowledge meet national standards and clearly recognises GeoLINK’s dedication to providing assurance with respect to our competence and professional development and performance.


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