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Bushfire consultants and management

In the wake of bushfire disasters across much of Australia, the need to be vigilant with bushfire planning and mitigation measures is more important than ever.

As Bushfire Consultants we provide a range of services to help Councils, builders, land-owners, architects, planners and developers ensure they meet their bushfire safety obligations.

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Our Bushfire Services

  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates for Complying Development
  • Bushfire Compliance Certificates
  • Bushfire Hazard Assessment
  • Bushfire Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Bushfire Management Plans

GeoLINK’s Bushfire Consultant Services
Engaging a professional bushfire safety consultant will help you:

  • understand what’s required relevant to your development
  • ensure you can provide what’s required as part of your DA
  • consider alternatives to your construction design to gain approval

We’ll determine the appropriate level of construction relative to the potential bushfire attack. And we can give you options for future development or recommend potential building envelopes.

What is Bushfire Prone Land (BPL)?
Land that local Councils have identified as being able to support a bushfire or is subject to bushfire attack is known as bushfire prone land.

If you live on BPL or you’re planning to build on or develop the land, you’ll need to undertake a number of measures to minimise the risk of being affected by bushfires.

All building and development on bushfire prone land needs to meet a set of standards for Council to approve your Development Application (DA) or for completed works to be approved.

Engaging a bushfire consultant will help you understand the process and give you guidance on what’s needed for approval.

You can find out if your land is Bush Fire Prone through the NSW Rural Fire Services. Or get in touch with your local council to look at the bushfire prone land map. Or better still contact our bushfire consultant.

We also offer ecology, civil engineering, environmental and planning services from our offices in Lennox Head, Coffs Harbour, Armidale, and Lismore.

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